Bralm's Grim Calculus

I think if you can get distance and start ranging them, that would be great. Stick and move. Your speed is 7, so you should be able to stay ahead of them. Getting out of there without and AOP hitting is the tough part. But I think I can help—I still have Sanctuary which will give you +5 to all defenses as you move out. Or perhaps use you at-will hit and run. Either, you should roam around the battle ranging the skeles. Let’s get their lower AC asses dead to get the numbers down. If we can do that, Kalarel is dead.

Aloysius is going to be taking a dirt nap soon—all we can hope for there is that he lives long enough to dole out damage while we execute our plan.

I will move as well using sacred flame, which while being against reflex (which is lower than AC apparently for these guys) will also add some radiant damage and grant 2 temp hp to people.

Hopefully Iados can get better dice—he’s healthy and can dole out the damage—he too can range.

Syzan can work the flank with Will until she is in danger then tumble out and work the range as well.

It’s the best I can think of at the moment. Perhaps we can corner Kalarel once the Skeles are down, but until then, it’s a meat grinder.

The Battle to Stop Kalarel from Opening the Rift

The feeling of strength is coming from your pouch … the small dragon statues you recovered from the skeleton/coffin room are likely the source. That was near where you met the undead incarnation of Sir Keegan (he is the former Paladin who succumbed to the mind games of the Rift).

Sir Keegan ended up killing his whole family before being slain … he was punished by his deity (Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon) to remain in the Keep forever as an undead guardian. He gave you the longsword Aecris to aid you in your quest to get rid of Kalarel and keep the Rift sealed.

Rhea wields Aecris now. The dragon statues depict Bahamut and were found by Bralm in a secret compartment inside one of Sir Keegan’s altars in the nearby sarcophagus room. The dragon statues somehow give you strength against Kalarel’s powers - but you do not understand the exact benefit (yet).

I did not keep a close tally of your characters’ status as we went along this past session. I have in my notes that everyone has used their Action Point, and it looks like Bralm is out of healing magic. Aloysius has used his 2nd wind and his healing potion. What about everyone else’s 2nd wind? Do you still have it? What about the healing potions? Who has used theirs? Is it on your person? It looked like everyone expended their daily and encounter attack powers.

In terms of the status of your enemies: Kalarel is obviously beat up, and on the verge of being bloodied. Fiercejaw and Strongbone are severely beat up, even with the bone-mending magic that seems to be coming from the circle. Sneer has not been touched. Gar and The Zealot are pushing up daisies, of course.

As far as strategically important information goes, I’d just like to point out a couple things that I may not have mentioned (or emphasized) before:

(1) It was quite a victory to take out Gar and especially the Zealot early … the Zealot belched out a lot of death energy, mostly at Rhea, but she was able to resist. The Zealot was powerful and appeared to be Kalarel’s 2nd in command … he was obviously fanatically committed to Orcus and Kalarel’s mission to unseal the Rift. Killing him was a severe blow to your enemies.

(2) Fiercejaw and Strongbone were cracked up pretty substantially but then came back (bone mending magic—-appears to be coming from the magic circle) before getting cracked up even further. Their bones are barely hanging together now, but as long as they are holding together, they can still fight at 100% strength.

(3) Fiercejaw and Strongbone don’t carry any ranged weapons, so (for example) if you were to back off and use ranged weapons on them, they would have to leave the circle to counter attack.

(4) If any of your enemies has sensed that you possess the mirror, they haven’t signaled that to you. Bralm has figured out that the mirror has something to do with keeping the Rift sealed.

(5) Kalarel is obviously very powerful, perhaps more powerful than anyone realized. He is working to reopen the planar Rift that bridges your world with The Shadowfell - a place of unspeakable, hellish evil. The Shadowfell is ruled by the Demon Lord Orcus and is filled with hordes of bloodthirsty undead who are desperate to cross over. This Rift was sealed long ago by good magic and the Keep was built over it to guard the seal and keep the Rift closed. The Keep was manned by Sir Keegan and other Paladins before the fall of the old empire. Once the old empire fell, the Keep and the Rift were unguarded, allowing Kalarel and the cult of Orcus to inhabit the ruins and plot to break the seal. It is now deteriorating from Kalarel’s incantations … he has almost opened it.

This is the most deadly fight of your lives.

Waist Deep in Blood in Kalarel's Inner Sanctum

You took out your rope and Syrzan knotted it while Bralm secured the other end to one of the crystal columns. After throwing the other end of the rope over the edge of the bloody pit, the dwarves and the tiefling climbed down the knotted rope and then jumped the last 10’, splashing down in a waist-deep pit of blood at the bottom. The Ranger and Rogue grabbed one of the chains and simply slid to the bottom, landing on solid ground and making it look easy. You found yourselves in Kalarel’s inner sanctum, and he did not seem surprised or troubled by your arrival. In fact, he greeted you with vicious enthusiasm.

As you intrude, Kalarel presides over an altar, performing a repetitive ritual. A giant archway stands nearby, and it appears to be sealed by a thin, stretchy, deteriorating membrane. An unimaginable legion strains against the membrane from the other side, desperately eager to breach it. As they push against it and lash out, the membrane stretches far into the chamber, with their claws and monstrous limbs clearly visible, before the membrane snaps back against them.

Kalarel also has his minions and guardians close at hand: the zealot that Iados blasted out of the upper chamber, the strange soft-clay gargoyle that Rhea shot up in the zombie room, two skeletal warriors, and a wiry, sneering undead creature.

They all unleashed their attacks on Bralm, Aloysius and Iados as they waded through the pit of blood while Rhea and Syrzan returned fire. Your enemies’ opening volley of attacks left Bralm immobilized, Aloysius dazed, and Iados weakened. Kalarel remains confident and arrogant. His minions, gleeful.

Techniques for Role Playing Aloysius Accurately

I should be able to swing Friday, although it will need to be after 9 for me. Feel free to start without me. Here are some situations and expected responses for my character. You should be able to glean and extrapolate a pattern of behavior from these typical situations that should help provide accurate portrayal in other, less obvious situations.

an attack = attack and certain death
a hard stare = attack and certain death
an unwelcome comment = attack and certain death
a negative comment about my allies = laugh, attack and certain death
a drawn weapon = attack and certain death
a full retreat = attack and certain death
a heartfelt compliment = no response
pushing for a response regarding a heartfelt compliment = attack and probable death

I believe the above responses represent enough scenarios to navigate Aloy through any situation.

See you tonight after 9.



Cathedral of Darkness

You have entered a massive stone Cathedral, eerily lit by glowing crystal columns. Streams of blood erupt from an altar at the far end and then meander across the stone floor in shallow pools before dribbling down a partially grated pit in the center of the Cathedral.

You were immediately attacked by a tattooed zealot, two powerful berserkers, a group of vampire spawn and a little dagger-wielding humanoid with solid white eyes. They attacked from three sides, with the zealot and berserkers coming in the front and the vampire spawn creeping in at the flanks. Bralm’s first blast against the zealot nearly knocked him into the pit, but he was able to save himself at the last moment by falling to the floor and clinging to the grating.

Syrzan found herself at the front of the fighting, and nearly had the life sucked out of her by the zealot before Iados invoked his diabolic powers to smash him and force him backward and down through the bloody hole in the floor. The zealot couldn’t make a last desperate grab onto the grating, and fell, landing with a splash.

Aloysius charged forward, swinging mightily, taking out enemies in great sweeping arcs. The blood splattered across his axe appeared nearly black as it glinted in the blue-green light of the dark Cathedral.

Rhea held the left flank against the foul vampire spawn that threatened to surround you, and once it was secure, she moved forward to protect the heavily wounded Syrzan.

After the zealot was knocked out of the fighting, and the first berserker had fallen to Aloysius’ axe, the second berserker sensed the overwhelming odds and attempted to change position quickly. Bralm anticipated his move and took advantage of his enemy dropping his guard … Bralm lowered the boom with his hammer, and cracked the berserker square in the forehead, killing him instantly.

The battle is not over, and judging from the wimpering coming from the pit, the zealot still lives.

Bralm Leads the Way Down into Darkness

Bralm lead the assault against a ravenous ghoul with a mouthful of teeth and a whole gang of zombies. The zombies were no match for Bralm’s divine powers while the ghoul made the mistake of taking on Aloysius. All your enemies fell before you, with the exception of an odd clay gargoyle that scampered off with two of Rhea’s arrows still stuck in it.

The chamber you have claimed is filled with gnawed, rotting body parts in various states of decay. Judging by the relative lack of weapons or armor in the remains, it seems likely they are the remains of innocents.

Syrzan was able to shimmy through a narrow passage to find more body parts, and among them, a magical bag that seems to be able to carry a lot of weight while remaining light in the hand … a perfect accessory for a rogue.

The opposite wall of the chamber features a wide set of stairs that descend to a lower platform and a large set of ornately carved wooden doors, stained dark. Almost black. Judging by the filth and the utter evil of the chamber you have just explored, you are now getting close to heart of the operation. Kalarel can’t be far now.

3rd Level

When we last left our heroes, they had survived a Memorial Room filled with deadly traps, including a sword swinging Titan statue, two Force-belching dragon statues, and a Whirlpool trap.

These experiences, combined with your other experiences, explorations, interrogations, and various full frontal assaults, have allowed you to further develop and hone all your skills.

In game terms, you have earned 1228 XP! Congratulations!! While we will NOT be playing this Sat 5/16 (tomorrow), please use that time to increase your character’s skills/feats/etc to 3RD LEVEL! Depending on how things go, we may be back at it one week from tomorrow.

You are now deep inside the complex, and the line between reality and nightmare has blurred. From the beginning, you have felt as though your mind was playing tricks on you: children’s voices, a boy in a blood soaked gown disapparing around a corner, feelings of hands coming through the wall to grab you from behind. As you have pressed on and delved deeper, however, it seems that the creepy visions, voices, and sounds are becoming more real.

Recently, Bralm thought he found a child under the covers in a Hobgoblin bed; he saw a child-sized bump under the blanket, and even heard the child praying for protection. When he pulled back the covers however, the “bump” collapsed and there was nothing there. He was about to disregard it as a mere trick of the mind as he and Aloysius reached down and felt the straw mattress.

It was still warm.

Renewed Defense

The had repelled your earlier incursion but at great loss to their own crew … you had also already wiped out the goblin horde that was stationed in the upper level, including Balgron, leaving them unguarded and vulnerable. Sealing up the entrance seemed like the quickest and most effective way of keeping you out … unfortunately they worked so hard at it that they fell asleep before you returned.

Return to Surface; A Plea from Vergwild

When we last left our heroes, you were in the middle of hacking down a wooden door in a Hobgoblin lair, and you ended up getting a response that was more than you bargained for. The Hobgoblin Warchief did fall to Aloysius’ axe (with Bralm’s steadfast support) but he was not the end of the story. A Hobgoblin Warcaster appeared and decided to wade into the fray with his lightning staff, battling for position against Iados’ dark energy and trying to dodge Rhea’s incessant barrage of arrows.

The intrepid explorers acknowledged that discretion is the better part of valor and fell back to regroup … Aloysius was the last to break off melee combat in an effort to defend his compatriots. However, Aloysius paid for his bravery with a vicious, deadly hit from the Warcaster. Iados saw it coming and was there to snatch Aloysius’ limp form from those who were about to capture him. Perhaps Iados’ grasp of the Goblin language gave him an insight that his friends were not privy to …

After breaking combat with the Hobgoblin horde under unfavorable circumstances, you returned to the surface. Syrzan crept up the stairs to scout the lay of the land above ground and was accosted by Vergwild guardsmen. Once tensions were eased, the guardsmen beseeched you to return to Vergwild to defend the village against Undead that had spontaneously risen from the village graveyard. Their chilling story reminded you of your experiences in the Keep, and gave everyone an ominous feeling that the evil process within the complex grows stronger and reaches farther afield with each passing hour.

Your response was an emphatic “no”. You explained that your efforts in the Old Keep are paramount, and, if successful, will rid the village of its undead menace. The guardsmen turned and began their march back to Vergwild, resigned to their fate as lone defenders against a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

During your brief rest and recovery above ground in the ruins of the Keep, you occasionally catch the sound of harsh voices off in the distance. Sometimes there is a thunderous echo and feeling of deep rumbling coming from somewhere down the stairs that descend into the Old Keep. The Hobgoblins seem to be up to something.

Hobgoblin Lair

When we last left our heroes, they had transitioned from sneaking through a Hobgoblin lair to smashing through a door with an axe to announce their presence. A real sh*tstorm ensued, with Hobgoblin soldiers and their Warchief approaching from all directions. Aloysius slew the Warchief, with support from Bralm, while Iados, Syrzan, and Rhea mixed it up with the other Hobgoblin soldiers.

The latest combatant to wade into the fray some sort of robed Hobgoblin warcaster wielding a lightning staff and smacking you around like ragdolls with Force pulses. Whither your party of intrepid explorers?


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