Kobold Standoff

You’ve followed Lord Padraig’s map to a cliffside waterfall in the forest that appears to be the site of a Kobold lair. You defeated most of the Kobolds that were outside, although at least one got away and ran back inside.

You are now in a tense standoff.

Syrzan has observed red eyes peering at her from the darkness behind the vines that cover the cliff face.

Rhea has discovered the tracks of many kobolds in the area, and believes that she may have also found the footprints of at least one large goblin.

Bralm has discreetly searched the bodies of your fallen enemies and found coin in the amount of 4 gp and 17 sp. Most of it is stamped with Lord Pradaig’s likeness, indicating that it is local money. The remains of the kobold that appeared to be the leader and who was standing within the stone circle (and who Iados dispatched with a massive blast of dark energy) also has a curious tatoo of a skeletal ram’s head on his throat. It reminds Bralm of the necklace that Iados took from the kobold priest (the one who hurled energy orbs at Rhea and ended up breathing Acid breath on her before being defeated). The necklace was black obsidian and depicted a skeletal ram’s head.

The waterfall roars on … the rest of the forest is quiet … awaiting your next move.

Outside the Kobold's Lair

You have defeated a group of Kobolds outside their lair - it appears that Lord Pradaig’s map was accurate after all.

You owe a lot of your success thus far to your tactical improvements: more conservative movement and tighter formations. This was a much more diverse group of Kobolds … there were tough, disciplined soldier types mixed with a lot of smaller, less capable enemies. Quite a difference from the two groups that ambushed you on the Kings Road.

After dispatching them, you took a knee and rested, breathing hard and wiping the sweat from your brow in the morning light. The ominous drum beat that rose over the roar of the waterfall died away and left in its place a tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Syrzan’s observation of red eyes peering back at you from behind a curtain of vines confirmed your feelings that you are being watched.

Now that you have caught your breath, THE QUESTION IS: What next? You are aware that there are more Kobolds inside the cliff somewhere, and they are certainly aware of you. Therefore, it is too late to flee back to Vergwild unassailed. So, what will your strategy be then?


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