Bralm Leads the Way Down into Darkness

Bralm lead the assault against a ravenous ghoul with a mouthful of teeth and a whole gang of zombies. The zombies were no match for Bralm’s divine powers while the ghoul made the mistake of taking on Aloysius. All your enemies fell before you, with the exception of an odd clay gargoyle that scampered off with two of Rhea’s arrows still stuck in it.

The chamber you have claimed is filled with gnawed, rotting body parts in various states of decay. Judging by the relative lack of weapons or armor in the remains, it seems likely they are the remains of innocents.

Syrzan was able to shimmy through a narrow passage to find more body parts, and among them, a magical bag that seems to be able to carry a lot of weight while remaining light in the hand … a perfect accessory for a rogue.

The opposite wall of the chamber features a wide set of stairs that descend to a lower platform and a large set of ornately carved wooden doors, stained dark. Almost black. Judging by the filth and the utter evil of the chamber you have just explored, you are now getting close to heart of the operation. Kalarel can’t be far now.

3rd Level

When we last left our heroes, they had survived a Memorial Room filled with deadly traps, including a sword swinging Titan statue, two Force-belching dragon statues, and a Whirlpool trap.

These experiences, combined with your other experiences, explorations, interrogations, and various full frontal assaults, have allowed you to further develop and hone all your skills.

In game terms, you have earned 1228 XP! Congratulations!! While we will NOT be playing this Sat 5/16 (tomorrow), please use that time to increase your character’s skills/feats/etc to 3RD LEVEL! Depending on how things go, we may be back at it one week from tomorrow.

You are now deep inside the complex, and the line between reality and nightmare has blurred. From the beginning, you have felt as though your mind was playing tricks on you: children’s voices, a boy in a blood soaked gown disapparing around a corner, feelings of hands coming through the wall to grab you from behind. As you have pressed on and delved deeper, however, it seems that the creepy visions, voices, and sounds are becoming more real.

Recently, Bralm thought he found a child under the covers in a Hobgoblin bed; he saw a child-sized bump under the blanket, and even heard the child praying for protection. When he pulled back the covers however, the “bump” collapsed and there was nothing there. He was about to disregard it as a mere trick of the mind as he and Aloysius reached down and felt the straw mattress.

It was still warm.

Renewed Defense

The had repelled your earlier incursion but at great loss to their own crew … you had also already wiped out the goblin horde that was stationed in the upper level, including Balgron, leaving them unguarded and vulnerable. Sealing up the entrance seemed like the quickest and most effective way of keeping you out … unfortunately they worked so hard at it that they fell asleep before you returned.

Return to Surface; A Plea from Vergwild

When we last left our heroes, you were in the middle of hacking down a wooden door in a Hobgoblin lair, and you ended up getting a response that was more than you bargained for. The Hobgoblin Warchief did fall to Aloysius’ axe (with Bralm’s steadfast support) but he was not the end of the story. A Hobgoblin Warcaster appeared and decided to wade into the fray with his lightning staff, battling for position against Iados’ dark energy and trying to dodge Rhea’s incessant barrage of arrows.

The intrepid explorers acknowledged that discretion is the better part of valor and fell back to regroup … Aloysius was the last to break off melee combat in an effort to defend his compatriots. However, Aloysius paid for his bravery with a vicious, deadly hit from the Warcaster. Iados saw it coming and was there to snatch Aloysius’ limp form from those who were about to capture him. Perhaps Iados’ grasp of the Goblin language gave him an insight that his friends were not privy to …

After breaking combat with the Hobgoblin horde under unfavorable circumstances, you returned to the surface. Syrzan crept up the stairs to scout the lay of the land above ground and was accosted by Vergwild guardsmen. Once tensions were eased, the guardsmen beseeched you to return to Vergwild to defend the village against Undead that had spontaneously risen from the village graveyard. Their chilling story reminded you of your experiences in the Keep, and gave everyone an ominous feeling that the evil process within the complex grows stronger and reaches farther afield with each passing hour.

Your response was an emphatic “no”. You explained that your efforts in the Old Keep are paramount, and, if successful, will rid the village of its undead menace. The guardsmen turned and began their march back to Vergwild, resigned to their fate as lone defenders against a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

During your brief rest and recovery above ground in the ruins of the Keep, you occasionally catch the sound of harsh voices off in the distance. Sometimes there is a thunderous echo and feeling of deep rumbling coming from somewhere down the stairs that descend into the Old Keep. The Hobgoblins seem to be up to something.

Hobgoblin Lair

When we last left our heroes, they had transitioned from sneaking through a Hobgoblin lair to smashing through a door with an axe to announce their presence. A real sh*tstorm ensued, with Hobgoblin soldiers and their Warchief approaching from all directions. Aloysius slew the Warchief, with support from Bralm, while Iados, Syrzan, and Rhea mixed it up with the other Hobgoblin soldiers.

The latest combatant to wade into the fray some sort of robed Hobgoblin warcaster wielding a lightning staff and smacking you around like ragdolls with Force pulses. Whither your party of intrepid explorers?

Deathjump Spider

You’ve defeated of a squad of Hobgoblin soldiers and their Deathjump spider. Judging by the organization, discipline, and resources of the enemies you are encountering, you are moving ever closer to the source of the evil that haunts the Old Keep. You are getting closer to something important, though you dare not guess what it is.

Balgron's End; Unsettling Darkness

Rhea tracked Balgron the Fat to a wild cave connected to the Old Keep and found his secret room there … the door had been carefully concealed to match the surrounding natural stone. Apparently, the door was not concealed well enough. You found him inside, standing over his treasure and clutching a crossbow. With desperate malevolence in his eyes and blood dripping from his many wounds, he fired his crossbow at Aloyisus from point blank range, then quickly reloaded and fired again.

Aloysius moved in and finished him, and the others moved in behind and closed the door to keep out the rising cacophony of the rats that seemed to be gathering in the cave. After Syrzan picked the lock on the Balgron’s stash and counted it up, Bralm suddenly got the feeling that something was coming up behind him … that something was buried alive in the wall and trying to get out. After some frantic digging and striking solid rock, the feeling passed.

The party made its way out of the wild cave and back into the Old Keep, seeking to bury Balgron’s treasure in the excavated area, since it was far too heavy to carry around. In the process of keeping watch, with his back against a wall, Iados felt a cold hand come through the wall and grab his shoulder from behind. Syrzan and Bralm ran over to help free him, but saw nothing other than Iados struggling in place with nothing holding him. The hand then seemed to let go.

The next part of the Keep to be explored was shut behind double doors bound in iron. The area beyond felt unnaturally cold; strange symbols had been carved into the floor here and there. Upon descending the stairs, a group of Zombies lurched out of the shadows, stomping toward you. Their undead fury was no match for your combat skills, and you were able to cut them down as fast as they came. In the process, Aloysius charged a group of zombies, stepping on one of the carved symbols. A ghostly scream arose from the symbol, striking fear into your hearts; you felt compelled to run away from the sounds.

Now that the Zombies have been slain, a deathly quiet has settled once again. To the north, more passageways and catacombs with those strange symbols on the floor. To the south, a large room with stone coffins carved to look like statues of warriors. Which way do you dare to tread?

Balgron the Fat

You have wiped out the goblin’s HQ and tracked their leader (Balgron) to a dark, creepy stalactite-riddled cave. Do you dare enter to find him?

Hobgoblin Torture Chamber

You smashed the resistance put up by the masked Hobgoblin “leatherface” and now have the goblin named Xarn in your grasp, and he is begging for his life.

Xarn claims to hate the other goblins and has a nasty burn mark to back up his story. He wants to be your tour guide of sorts, seeking vengeance by showing you a secret way to Balgron’s lair. Is he an asset or a liability?

2nd Level!

Your experiences have honed your skills … after your next extended rest (overnight camp) you will be 2nd level!


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