Rhea was born into a military family and began weapons training when she was very young. Her mother was a master archer and her father was a swordself. Her military career as a scout was precipitated by her Elf Kingdom being attacked by a force of Orcs and undead led by an evil tyrant who intended to wipe out the Kingdom entirely. Rhea’s skills and talent saved her life many times on her missions deep behind enemy lines.

Her Kingdom was ultimately able to repel the assault and pursue its enemies to their destruction. Rhea was honored for her outstanding service, and since the war was over, she was discharged.

Since the end of her military career, Rhea has been traveling in the woods, living off the land and enjoying the peace and solitude that was not available to her in her years of forced vigilance as a scout.

During her travels, she has discovered some disturbing trends in the woods in which she travels. Some regions that were formerly alive with Satyrs, Unicorns, Pixies, and Sprites have now gone quiet. A new darkness has been emerging for the last year or two, and the center of it seems to be in the woods around the outpost of Vergwild.

Rhea has decided to travel to the town of Vergwild to find the source of this new darkness upon the forest. She intends to use her superior fighting skills to beat back the darkness and restore the light to her beloved wilds.


Vergwild vergwild