Aloysius Sebastian



Aloysius met up with this unusual group of vagabonds along the road to Vergwild. He was very keen to learn more about his companions, but said little of himself. As a matter of fact, his background remained a mystery, even to those who rely so heavily on his courage, skill, athleticism, and fortitude. That is, until their successful exploits in the Old Keep, also known as the Keep on the Shadowfell…

You see, Aloysius is a well respected young member of a high and noble dwarf Clan that commands great wealth and prestige in the Underdark, a vast region deep within the earth. His Clan’s population is large and growing, and the Clan Elders eagerly seek territorial expansion.

The Elders are particularly interested in expanding to realms nearer the surface, as they would like to facilitate trade for their mining operations. Furthermore, they know that the human empire of Nerath maintained a Keep on its border near the surface town of Vergwild. Although the empire crumbled a hundred years ago (as all human-made things seem to do sooner or later) the legend persists that this Keep had an underground passage to the Underdark.

If the legend is true, it would be an ideal place to expand the activities of the Clan and enhance its prestige even further. However, dwarven scouts have never been able to find this passage in their travels underground.

As a result, the Clan Elders have honored young Aloysius by assigning him the mission of traveling to the surface, finding the ruins of this Keep, and mapping them in full detail. He must also determine if there is passage to the Underdark from beneath the ruins. Aloysius’ confidence, talent and classical weapons training mean he is well-suited for the task; his confidence allows him to accept the dangerous mission without hesitation.

He is to maintain secrecy about his intentions, so that his Clan’s plan will not be revealed (to prevent interference from rival Clans). He must also conceal his noble heritage to prevent dishonor from being reflected on his family line in case he fails in his mission. Maintaining these secrets may not be easy, since he will may attract attention by making detailed notes and maps during his journey. Furthermore, his noble upbringing has resulted in a certain sense of ‘specialness’ that others may mistake as arrogance.

Once he arrives in Vergwild, he must learn everything he can about the old Keep: whereabouts, current condition, and inhabitants. If he can recruit other explorers, all the better, as long as they increase his chances of survival and success.

Aloysius Sebastian

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