Waist Deep in Blood in Kalarel's Inner Sanctum

You took out your rope and Syrzan knotted it while Bralm secured the other end to one of the crystal columns. After throwing the other end of the rope over the edge of the bloody pit, the dwarves and the tiefling climbed down the knotted rope and then jumped the last 10’, splashing down in a waist-deep pit of blood at the bottom. The Ranger and Rogue grabbed one of the chains and simply slid to the bottom, landing on solid ground and making it look easy. You found yourselves in Kalarel’s inner sanctum, and he did not seem surprised or troubled by your arrival. In fact, he greeted you with vicious enthusiasm.

As you intrude, Kalarel presides over an altar, performing a repetitive ritual. A giant archway stands nearby, and it appears to be sealed by a thin, stretchy, deteriorating membrane. An unimaginable legion strains against the membrane from the other side, desperately eager to breach it. As they push against it and lash out, the membrane stretches far into the chamber, with their claws and monstrous limbs clearly visible, before the membrane snaps back against them.

Kalarel also has his minions and guardians close at hand: the zealot that Iados blasted out of the upper chamber, the strange soft-clay gargoyle that Rhea shot up in the zombie room, two skeletal warriors, and a wiry, sneering undead creature.

They all unleashed their attacks on Bralm, Aloysius and Iados as they waded through the pit of blood while Rhea and Syrzan returned fire. Your enemies’ opening volley of attacks left Bralm immobilized, Aloysius dazed, and Iados weakened. Kalarel remains confident and arrogant. His minions, gleeful.



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