The Final Battle with Kalarel

You are fighting for your lives and racing against time. Kalarel’s plot to unseal the Rift has been revealed, and you are engaged in a pitched battle to stop it. You are the only hope for Vergwild, Douven Stahl, your clans, and the creatures of the surrounding wood. If you fail and are slain in battle, an insurmountable evil will be unleashed.

If you survive and succeed, you will be hailed as heroes … your names will become the stuff of song and of local legend as you are lauded for your bravery and accomplishment …

The Battle:

Aloysius turns, bobbing and weaving, keeping his guard up as he maneuvers … clawed, fanged creatures strain against the portal reaching for Bralm … their claws rip into Bralm before the membrane snaps back.

Kalarel rears back with his skull capped rod to smite Bralm … Bralm leans back and feels the breeze as the rod swings and inch from his beard.

Stongbone turns his sword on Syrzan … she cannot dodge away fast enough and is wounded further … the undead keeps and eye socket on Syrzan (she is marked).

The scrawny undead Sneer turns his filthy claws on Rhea … he claws her and the wound immediately fills with pus … Rhea feels the life force begin to drain.

Fiercejaw charges forward … Rhea slashes Fiercejaw, crushing its bones further but it is hanging together by a sinew and attacks Syrzan … raking her bloody with its claws.

Kalarel taunts: “Come back here dwarf, your little friend here is not enough!”

Bralm unleashes his sacred flame against the skeletal warrior, breaking its last sinew and sending its bones flying in a torrent of sacred fire … and bolstering the wounded Rhea with divine energy. His divine energy continues to flow, healing his wounds and protecting him from his foul enemies.

Syrzan strikes back at Strongbone, deftly slashing through his ribs … Strongbone counterattacks Syrzan as she moves, but she is too fast for it, and rams her sword through its skull, killing it.

Bralm warns Kalarel: “The dead surround you Kalarel—you will be joining them soon!”

Aloysius: f it
Bralm: yeah
Bralm: like the sound of that
Bralm: yeah

Aloysius stops bobbing and weaving, steps forward and winds up for a mighty axe blow against Kalarel: CRITICAL HIT!

Blood runs down Kalarel’s leg, dripping from under his scale armor … he appears to be in shock.

Kalarel: (to Aloysius): Feel the wrath of Orcus!

Kalarel counter strikes Aloysius, then steps back even closer to the portal … within reach of the horde beyond … the undead Sneer seems to giggle … the creatures in the portal suddenly become frantic … a beam of dark energy emanates from Sneer and pulates toward the remains of the undead warrior Strongbone … suddenly Strongbone comes back together and stands once again …

Sneer then convulses, and belches a beam of splattering venom at Aloysius … but Aloysius dodges it easily.

Bralm: I’m going to focus my radiant energy on the undead and let you others worry about finishing Kalarel …

Bralm unleashes another torrent of radiant energy at Sneer … the energy burns Sneer as it grimaces in pain.

Strongbone has reanimated but seems somewhat worse for wear … he is bobbling badly, and his bones are still mostly broken … almost like a caricature of his former fearsome warrior self.

Syrzan steps forward and slices cleanly through Strongbone’s skull, killing him (again) … his bones clatter to the stone floor.

Kalarel glances over his shoulder at the portal, nervously.

Meanwhile, the necrotic wound that Kalarel inflicted on Aloysius is still rotting.

Rhea steps back and fires her arrows at Kalarel, wounding his shoulder.

Aloysius then bravely pursues Kalarel dangerously close to the portal, within reach of the horde beyond … grimly striking Kalarel in a mighty arc … Kalarel stumbles backward, dazed for a second but quickly regaining his senses … he grits his teeth and straightens himself … Aloysius shrugs off the rot in his wound …

Kalarel counter attacks Aloysius … Aloysius dodges Kalarel’s increasingly clumsy blows but he is so dangerously close to the portal now that the clawed Things behind the portal can reach out … they try desperately to kill Aloysius … but they only manage to rake his armor impotently before the portal membrane snaps back.

The undead Sneer turns and unhinges his jaw … his chin drops until it touches his gaunt neck
while facing Aloysius, Bralm, and Rhea, he growls horrifically, striking fear … Bralm, Aloysius, and Rhea stumble backward, away from Kalarel and Sneer, aghast at the sight, trying to look away.

Bralm regains himeself, lets out a war cry and resolves to unmake the loathsome Sneer … Bralm charges forward, smashing Sneer in the face with his war hammer … Sneer recoils, shaking his head violently back and forth, writhing in pain … Syrzan steps forward and stabs Sneer in the ribs … black mucous seeps from the wound … Aloysius turns and chops Sneer as he passes, decapitating the scrawny undead and killing him … he steps to Kalarel in the same motion, swinging again but missing the High Priest of Orcus.

Kalarel, now wild eyed, lands a heavy strike with his Skull Sceptre on Aloysius’ stout chest … claws and fangs reach through the portal at Aloysius once again. He resists their deathly grasp … Bralm’s magic is protecting him, even in the heart of the enemy’s power.

Syrzan seizes upon Kalarel’s desperate flailing … she senses her moment … she darts around Aloysius and thrusts her blade in Kalarel’s throat with lightning speed and lethal accuracy … blood gushes from the wound, dripping down her sword … Kalarel looks at Aloysius, and with a shocked look on his face, drops to his knees.

The Things behind the portal suddenly lurch forth as Kalarel leans over and falls off the tip of Syrzan’s blade and collapses onto the stone floor … a sudden fire alights behind the portal
and two massive claws reach forward …

Bralm shudders
Syrzan winces
Syrzan tries to tip toe backwards

… they seize Kalarel, and an ear splitting cry rises up … the claws slam Kalarel’s limp body against the floor, then yank him THROUGH the portal to the other side …

Bralm: oh he is not in a happy place now

The portal immediately seems to stiffen, then it goes dark

The dark chamber falls silent as you savor your moment of victory … congratulations heroes!!!




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