The Battle to Stop Kalarel from Opening the Rift

The feeling of strength is coming from your pouch … the small dragon statues you recovered from the skeleton/coffin room are likely the source. That was near where you met the undead incarnation of Sir Keegan (he is the former Paladin who succumbed to the mind games of the Rift).

Sir Keegan ended up killing his whole family before being slain … he was punished by his deity (Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon) to remain in the Keep forever as an undead guardian. He gave you the longsword Aecris to aid you in your quest to get rid of Kalarel and keep the Rift sealed.

Rhea wields Aecris now. The dragon statues depict Bahamut and were found by Bralm in a secret compartment inside one of Sir Keegan’s altars in the nearby sarcophagus room. The dragon statues somehow give you strength against Kalarel’s powers - but you do not understand the exact benefit (yet).

I did not keep a close tally of your characters’ status as we went along this past session. I have in my notes that everyone has used their Action Point, and it looks like Bralm is out of healing magic. Aloysius has used his 2nd wind and his healing potion. What about everyone else’s 2nd wind? Do you still have it? What about the healing potions? Who has used theirs? Is it on your person? It looked like everyone expended their daily and encounter attack powers.

In terms of the status of your enemies: Kalarel is obviously beat up, and on the verge of being bloodied. Fiercejaw and Strongbone are severely beat up, even with the bone-mending magic that seems to be coming from the circle. Sneer has not been touched. Gar and The Zealot are pushing up daisies, of course.

As far as strategically important information goes, I’d just like to point out a couple things that I may not have mentioned (or emphasized) before:

(1) It was quite a victory to take out Gar and especially the Zealot early … the Zealot belched out a lot of death energy, mostly at Rhea, but she was able to resist. The Zealot was powerful and appeared to be Kalarel’s 2nd in command … he was obviously fanatically committed to Orcus and Kalarel’s mission to unseal the Rift. Killing him was a severe blow to your enemies.

(2) Fiercejaw and Strongbone were cracked up pretty substantially but then came back (bone mending magic—-appears to be coming from the magic circle) before getting cracked up even further. Their bones are barely hanging together now, but as long as they are holding together, they can still fight at 100% strength.

(3) Fiercejaw and Strongbone don’t carry any ranged weapons, so (for example) if you were to back off and use ranged weapons on them, they would have to leave the circle to counter attack.

(4) If any of your enemies has sensed that you possess the mirror, they haven’t signaled that to you. Bralm has figured out that the mirror has something to do with keeping the Rift sealed.

(5) Kalarel is obviously very powerful, perhaps more powerful than anyone realized. He is working to reopen the planar Rift that bridges your world with The Shadowfell - a place of unspeakable, hellish evil. The Shadowfell is ruled by the Demon Lord Orcus and is filled with hordes of bloodthirsty undead who are desperate to cross over. This Rift was sealed long ago by good magic and the Keep was built over it to guard the seal and keep the Rift closed. The Keep was manned by Sir Keegan and other Paladins before the fall of the old empire. Once the old empire fell, the Keep and the Rift were unguarded, allowing Kalarel and the cult of Orcus to inhabit the ruins and plot to break the seal. It is now deteriorating from Kalarel’s incantations … he has almost opened it.

This is the most deadly fight of your lives.



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