Techniques for Role Playing Aloysius Accurately

I should be able to swing Friday, although it will need to be after 9 for me. Feel free to start without me. Here are some situations and expected responses for my character. You should be able to glean and extrapolate a pattern of behavior from these typical situations that should help provide accurate portrayal in other, less obvious situations.

an attack = attack and certain death
a hard stare = attack and certain death
an unwelcome comment = attack and certain death
a negative comment about my allies = laugh, attack and certain death
a drawn weapon = attack and certain death
a full retreat = attack and certain death
a heartfelt compliment = no response
pushing for a response regarding a heartfelt compliment = attack and probable death

I believe the above responses represent enough scenarios to navigate Aloy through any situation.

See you tonight after 9.





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