Return to Surface; A Plea from Vergwild

When we last left our heroes, you were in the middle of hacking down a wooden door in a Hobgoblin lair, and you ended up getting a response that was more than you bargained for. The Hobgoblin Warchief did fall to Aloysius’ axe (with Bralm’s steadfast support) but he was not the end of the story. A Hobgoblin Warcaster appeared and decided to wade into the fray with his lightning staff, battling for position against Iados’ dark energy and trying to dodge Rhea’s incessant barrage of arrows.

The intrepid explorers acknowledged that discretion is the better part of valor and fell back to regroup … Aloysius was the last to break off melee combat in an effort to defend his compatriots. However, Aloysius paid for his bravery with a vicious, deadly hit from the Warcaster. Iados saw it coming and was there to snatch Aloysius’ limp form from those who were about to capture him. Perhaps Iados’ grasp of the Goblin language gave him an insight that his friends were not privy to …

After breaking combat with the Hobgoblin horde under unfavorable circumstances, you returned to the surface. Syrzan crept up the stairs to scout the lay of the land above ground and was accosted by Vergwild guardsmen. Once tensions were eased, the guardsmen beseeched you to return to Vergwild to defend the village against Undead that had spontaneously risen from the village graveyard. Their chilling story reminded you of your experiences in the Keep, and gave everyone an ominous feeling that the evil process within the complex grows stronger and reaches farther afield with each passing hour.

Your response was an emphatic “no”. You explained that your efforts in the Old Keep are paramount, and, if successful, will rid the village of its undead menace. The guardsmen turned and began their march back to Vergwild, resigned to their fate as lone defenders against a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

During your brief rest and recovery above ground in the ruins of the Keep, you occasionally catch the sound of harsh voices off in the distance. Sometimes there is a thunderous echo and feeling of deep rumbling coming from somewhere down the stairs that descend into the Old Keep. The Hobgoblins seem to be up to something.



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