Post Kalarel Awards

Congratulations on your defeat of Kalarel in the Old Keep! His ritual to open The Rift, a gate between your world and the Shadowfell was nearly complete … had you failed, the consequences would have been unimaginable for the village of Vergwild as well as the lands beyond … your skill, courage, and defiance in the face of nearly overwhelming odds carried you through to victory!

And to the victor goes the spoils, as they say … speaking of which, I have conveniently tallied them up for you below! :-) (Along with a refresher for where they came from):

Before entering The Old Keep:

+Kobold Brigands (on the way to Vergwild for the first time): 475XP, 34sp
+Interaction with Lord Padraig and Vergwild’s commonfolk: 500XP
+Kobold Ambush (on the way out of Vergwild): 625XP, black obsidian Ram’s head necklace (symbol of Orcus), 80gp value
+Outside Kobold lair: 575XP
+Inside Kobold lair (under the waterfall, also fighting the goblin chief Irontooth): 1250XP, +1 dwarven chain mail
+Dragon burial site: 600XP, +1250XP for rescuing Syran’s mentor (Douven Staul), 65gp, 13sp, +1 Amulet of Health, Nerath mirror (nonmagical but valuable artifact)

Inside the Keep:

+Goblin guard room with collapsing pit: 675XP, 43gp, 51sp
+Hobgoblin torture chamber (including goblin POW, whom you ended up killing almost immediately): 625XP, 55gp, 50sp, +1 Bloodcut Hide Armor
+Excavation site: 625XP, 22gp, +1 Symbol of Battle (statue of Bahamut)
+Goblin chieftain’s lair (i.e., Balgron the Fat): 875XP, 560gp (you buried it in the excavation site, chest and all), +1 magic wand (you chased Balgron to the natural cave and tracked him by his blood splatter to a secret door)
+Crypt of shadows (screaming symbols on floor and zombies): 880XP
+Skeletal legion (standing sarcophogi with skeletons erupting from them): 750XP, 5 statues of Bahamut (60 gp value each)
+Sir Keegan’s Tomb: 875XP for not fighting Sir Keegan, and +1 Longsword (Aecris)

Deep within the Keep:

+Hobgoblin guard room w/deathjump spider: 965XP, 10gp, 27sp
+Hobgoblin barracks: 790 XP, 20gp, 34sp
+Hobgoblin Warchief’s council room: 802XP, 380gp, +1 vicious short sword
+Chamber of statues: 650XP
+Ghoul warren: 1031XP, bag of holding w/176gp inside
+Cathedral of Shadow (Kalarel’s lieutenants): 975XP
+Shadow Rift (Kalarel): 1350XP, 981gp stashed behind altar, +2 magic wavy-bladed dagger

Grand totals: 2312 gp and 209sp.

Total experience attained by each character: 3554


Is everyone interested in starting back up with this campaign sometime in the next month or two?



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