Heroes Return; Vergwild Still Fearful

You’ve returned to Vergwild, expecting a heroes welcome, but instead receive a greeting of fear and loathing. Kalarel’s mark on the surrounding woodlands and settlements ran deep and seems to have more tenacity than you first expected. Among gruesome conditions, the Vergwild guard suspiciously reject even you, their heroes.

Acting on a request from Lord Padraig, you’ve followed an old road back through the woods to a lonesome graveyard, seeking the last redoubt of Kalarel’s allies. A cautious and disciplined approach across the premises allowed you to get within 100ft of the mausoleum at its heart. A final mad dash brought you right into the structure. At that point, zombies erupted from all sides and swarmed you, pawing clumsily at you and groaning with malice.

Game terms: I have attached a picture of the graveyard as well as a screen grab of the end of our last session … I think I remember a discussion of a strategy to block the entrance … I just wanted to point out that the mausoleum walls are actually open archways all the way around (except for behind the stairs) … I’ve annotated the image with the word “archway” everywhere there is an archway … I had not made that clear in my description, though to be fair, it was a mad scramble for your characters, and it would take a few seconds for them to get oriented and realize this too.



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