Embarrassment of Riches

You’ve climbed the sticky chains out of Kalarel’s hellhole chamber and trudged back through the dungeon passages of the Old Keep, climbing ever higher toward the surface. You’ve returned to the excavation chamber and dug up the gold you stashed and combined it with the loot you took from Kalarel.

You now find yourselves standing in a circle around a heap of coins and precious items; your flickering torchlight reflected from every facet of your treasure. You gaze at it and savor your victory, occasionally scratching absent-mindedly at patches of dried blood from Kalarel’s pit or gingerly rubbing your bruises and other wounds.

There are at least 1500 coins, which adds up to 150 lbs … a heavy burden to lug back to Vergwild. On the other hand, Syrzan has found a magical bag that seems to be able to hold large and heavy items without weighing her down. It would be a lot more convenient to put all the treasure in there, but will you entrust your entire haul to a rogue?



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