Cathedral of Darkness

You have entered a massive stone Cathedral, eerily lit by glowing crystal columns. Streams of blood erupt from an altar at the far end and then meander across the stone floor in shallow pools before dribbling down a partially grated pit in the center of the Cathedral.

You were immediately attacked by a tattooed zealot, two powerful berserkers, a group of vampire spawn and a little dagger-wielding humanoid with solid white eyes. They attacked from three sides, with the zealot and berserkers coming in the front and the vampire spawn creeping in at the flanks. Bralm’s first blast against the zealot nearly knocked him into the pit, but he was able to save himself at the last moment by falling to the floor and clinging to the grating.

Syrzan found herself at the front of the fighting, and nearly had the life sucked out of her by the zealot before Iados invoked his diabolic powers to smash him and force him backward and down through the bloody hole in the floor. The zealot couldn’t make a last desperate grab onto the grating, and fell, landing with a splash.

Aloysius charged forward, swinging mightily, taking out enemies in great sweeping arcs. The blood splattered across his axe appeared nearly black as it glinted in the blue-green light of the dark Cathedral.

Rhea held the left flank against the foul vampire spawn that threatened to surround you, and once it was secure, she moved forward to protect the heavily wounded Syrzan.

After the zealot was knocked out of the fighting, and the first berserker had fallen to Aloysius’ axe, the second berserker sensed the overwhelming odds and attempted to change position quickly. Bralm anticipated his move and took advantage of his enemy dropping his guard … Bralm lowered the boom with his hammer, and cracked the berserker square in the forehead, killing him instantly.

The battle is not over, and judging from the wimpering coming from the pit, the zealot still lives.



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