Bralm's Grim Calculus

I think if you can get distance and start ranging them, that would be great. Stick and move. Your speed is 7, so you should be able to stay ahead of them. Getting out of there without and AOP hitting is the tough part. But I think I can help—I still have Sanctuary which will give you +5 to all defenses as you move out. Or perhaps use you at-will hit and run. Either, you should roam around the battle ranging the skeles. Let’s get their lower AC asses dead to get the numbers down. If we can do that, Kalarel is dead.

Aloysius is going to be taking a dirt nap soon—all we can hope for there is that he lives long enough to dole out damage while we execute our plan.

I will move as well using sacred flame, which while being against reflex (which is lower than AC apparently for these guys) will also add some radiant damage and grant 2 temp hp to people.

Hopefully Iados can get better dice—he’s healthy and can dole out the damage—he too can range.

Syzan can work the flank with Will until she is in danger then tumble out and work the range as well.

It’s the best I can think of at the moment. Perhaps we can corner Kalarel once the Skeles are down, but until then, it’s a meat grinder.



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