Bralm Leads the Way Down into Darkness

Bralm lead the assault against a ravenous ghoul with a mouthful of teeth and a whole gang of zombies. The zombies were no match for Bralm’s divine powers while the ghoul made the mistake of taking on Aloysius. All your enemies fell before you, with the exception of an odd clay gargoyle that scampered off with two of Rhea’s arrows still stuck in it.

The chamber you have claimed is filled with gnawed, rotting body parts in various states of decay. Judging by the relative lack of weapons or armor in the remains, it seems likely they are the remains of innocents.

Syrzan was able to shimmy through a narrow passage to find more body parts, and among them, a magical bag that seems to be able to carry a lot of weight while remaining light in the hand … a perfect accessory for a rogue.

The opposite wall of the chamber features a wide set of stairs that descend to a lower platform and a large set of ornately carved wooden doors, stained dark. Almost black. Judging by the filth and the utter evil of the chamber you have just explored, you are now getting close to heart of the operation. Kalarel can’t be far now.



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