3rd Level

When we last left our heroes, they had survived a Memorial Room filled with deadly traps, including a sword swinging Titan statue, two Force-belching dragon statues, and a Whirlpool trap.

These experiences, combined with your other experiences, explorations, interrogations, and various full frontal assaults, have allowed you to further develop and hone all your skills.

In game terms, you have earned 1228 XP! Congratulations!! While we will NOT be playing this Sat 5/16 (tomorrow), please use that time to increase your character’s skills/feats/etc to 3RD LEVEL! Depending on how things go, we may be back at it one week from tomorrow.

You are now deep inside the complex, and the line between reality and nightmare has blurred. From the beginning, you have felt as though your mind was playing tricks on you: children’s voices, a boy in a blood soaked gown disapparing around a corner, feelings of hands coming through the wall to grab you from behind. As you have pressed on and delved deeper, however, it seems that the creepy visions, voices, and sounds are becoming more real.

Recently, Bralm thought he found a child under the covers in a Hobgoblin bed; he saw a child-sized bump under the blanket, and even heard the child praying for protection. When he pulled back the covers however, the “bump” collapsed and there was nothing there. He was about to disregard it as a mere trick of the mind as he and Aloysius reached down and felt the straw mattress.

It was still warm.



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